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What You Should Know About Rabbit Boarding

Rabbit boarding is a service that provides a safe place for your pet to stay when you are away. It’s also a great way to get a head start on any special needs that your bunny might have. Whether your rabbit has allergies, has had a health issue in the past or just needs to be watched over, it’s important to make a plan before leaving your animal behind.

While you’re looking for a good boarding facility, be sure to ask about the type of enclosures they have. Depending on the size of your rabbit, you may want to choose a larger cage that is a little bit more sturdy. Also, ensure that your pet is not exposed to other animals. A fenced-in yard is a good idea.

Make sure you ask if the boarding facility has any pets other than rabbits. Your rabbit is probably not too keen on being around other dogs or cats.

When you’re searching for a boarding facility, look for one that has a lot of experience with rabbits. Many of them will require all pets to be vaccinated against RHDV. This vaccine is a good way to prevent your rabbit from becoming infected with a potentially deadly disease. If you’re unsure about which vaccine is best for your rabbit, ask a veterinarian.

There are many types of boarding services, including catteries and rabbit kennels. Some facilities only offer boarding for exotic pets, while others are designed to provide day-to-day care. In addition, it’s important to find a boarding facility that is close to your vet.

Before you drop off your bunny, you should make sure the boarding facility is properly insured and has all of the necessary equipment to keep your pet happy and healthy. You can’t expect a veterinary clinic to be equipped with all of the supplies necessary to board a rabbit, so it’s up to you to stock up on food, water and other items before your rabbit’s boarding visit.

For the most part, a boarding facility will offer the same care that you’d give to your own rabbit. In some cases, you’ll be responsible for the transportation of your pet’s supplies, but other times the sitter will take care of everything. Be sure to ask about the perks and benefits of each option, and choose a boarding service that is able to meet your needs.

As with any boarding service, you’ll need to book well in advance. It’s not uncommon for boarding facilities to be booked up during holidays. Ideally, you’ll have reservations for at least a few weeks in advance. The sooner you make a reservation, the more likely you’ll be able to get the space you need for your rabbit.

Regardless of the boarding service you choose, make sure to leave a list of emergency numbers and information about your pet’s health. These can help the sitter know if there is an emergency, and can allow your pet to have a better stay in the boarding facility.

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